Why Peer-To-Peer Fundraising for Our Disaster Classroom Relief Funds Helps More Classrooms In Need

Why Peer-To-Peer Fundraising for Our Disaster Classroom Relief Funds Helps More Classrooms In Need

When schools are struck with disasters like hurricanes and flooding, a single classroom can lose hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of needed supplies. Many of the families affected by a natural disaster can’t afford to help by purchasing school supplies for their kids because they’re recovering from the loss of their homes and personal possessions. Similarly, many teachers cannot afford to replace the materials they spent their career collecting while their own homes are damaged.

“My biggest concern was my students. The neighborhood around my school was hit really hard,” said Houston teacher Dawn Kotecki after her school was impacted by Hurricane Harvey. “I know with the population of students we have, they don’t have a lot to begin with. And for them to lose everything? It’s absolutely heartbreaking.”

You can help classrooms replace damaged materials—so that students can learn in a normal classroom environment—by lending a hand with peer-to-peer fundraising.

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What is Peer-to-Peer Fundraising?

AdoptAClassroom.org’s peer-to-peer fundraising platform allows individuals or groups to raise money for one of our disaster funds, like Hurricane Harvey Classroom Relief Fund and Hurricane Irma Classroom Relief Fund, in support of classrooms damaged by a natural disaster.

It’s easy and quick. Create a fundraising page, which can be done from the donation page of every AdoptAClassroom.org disaster fund, and share it with your network of friends and family through email, text or social media. The funds you raise are then distributed to classrooms damaged by a natural disaster, so teachers can restock the classroom supplies they lost.

If you would like to peer-to-peer fundraise, first decide if you want to crowdfund as an individual or create a team and invite your friends and family to help raise money in support of those in need.

Individual Fundraising

Anyone can support teachers and students hit by a disaster as an individual by asking their friends and family to donate to their fundraiser. Individual fundraising is great for those who want to reach a modest goal of $250 to $1,000. AdoptAClassroom.org’s Digital Giving Manager Aja Tashjian created an individual fundraising page to raise $1,000 for classrooms flooded by Hurricane Harvey.

“Setting up my own fundraising page allowed me to personalize my message and give my friends and family a trusted and meaningful way to donate to AdoptAClassroom.org’s relief efforts,” said Tashjian.

Click here to view Aja Tashjian’s individual fundraising page.

Team Fundraising

With team fundraising, you can get a group of friends, coworkers or family together to partner in raising a larger amount of money to help teachers and their students. In support of classrooms affected by Hurricane Harvey, schools like Ira B Jones Elementary created a team fundraising page so they could combine their school’s staff and student efforts to help Texas classrooms without supplies.

“My students started their school year smoothly and after our discussion about Hurricane Harvey, they felt bad kids in Texas weren’t able to start their school year,” said Ira B Jones Elementary teacher Gretchen Ross. “They thought of the backpacks, supplies and school clothes so many kids had just bought and lost in the flooding.”

Ross helped her students get involved in supporting Texas classrooms by creating her school’s team fundraising page for the Hurricane Harvey Classroom Relief Fund. Her students created flyers highlighting their school’s fundraising page to take home to family members and raise donations. Ross’s school has since raised more than $1,200 of their $2,500 goal.

Click here to view Ira B Jones Elementary’s team fundraising page.

Check out our Hurricane Harvey Classroom Relief Fund and Hurricane Irma Classroom Relief Fund if you would like to make a donation or create a peer-to-peer crowdfunding page for classrooms affected by the storms.

Want tips on how to peer-to-peer fundraise on AdoptAClassroom.org? Read our article on fundraising for disaster relief here or contact Aja Tashjian, Digital Giving Manager [email protected] or 612-444-3467.