What Is The Meaning Of Shanshui?

Who was the untutored genius of India?

Nek ChandAn 80-year-old creator-director, Nek Chand from India was the “untutored genius who created a paradise”.

He made a garden known to the world today as the ‘Rock Garden’ at Chandigarh.

He contributed to outsider art, sculpted stones and used recycled materials..

What did Wu daozi say to the emperor?

Answer: The emperor asked Wu to show him his sketches, but Wu said they were all in his heart. Wu used only one day to paint the landscape on the wall depicting the 300-kilometer-long scenery along the river. When it was finished, the emperor was awed by the brilliant painting.

What is shanshui in Chinese art?

Shan shui (Chinese: 山水; pinyin: shān shuǐ; lit. ‘mountain-water’; pronounced [ʂán ʂwèi]) refers to a style of traditional Chinese painting that involves or depicts scenery or natural landscapes, using a brush and ink rather than more conventional paints.

What is the importance of man between Yang and Yin?

What is the importance of man between Yang and Yin? Ans. Yang and Yin are the two complementary poles of the universe. Man is the conduit of communication between Heaven and Earth.

What does the Chinese landscape depict Class 11?

The Chinese term for “landscape” is made up of two characters meaning “mountains and water.” It is linked with the philosophy of Daoism, which emphasizes harmony with the natural world.

What is lacking in Shanshui?

What is lacking in Shanshui? Answer: The third element, the Middle Void where their interaction takes place, is lacking in Shanshui. The Middle Void is indispensable. Hence nothing can happen without it.

Who was Ranga in Ranga’s marriage?

Ranga, the accountant’s son, is one of the rare breed among the village folk who has been to the city to pursue his studies. When he returns to his village from the city of Bangalore, the crowds mill around his house to see whether he has changed or not.

What are the three elements of Shanshui?

In shan shui paintings, there are three basic elements that make up a painting: Mountains, rivers, and on occasion, waterfalls. Hence the Chinese name shan shui (“Mountain-water”) for landscape art!

What is lacking in shanshui Class 11?

Answer: Shanshui means ‘mountainwater. … The third element, the Middle Void where their interaction takes place, is lacking in Shanshui.

What does Yang mean?

Yin, Chinese for “female” or “moon,” represents darkness, femininity, passivity, and the earth. Yang (“sun” or “male”) represents light, masculinity, activity, and the heavens. The balance of yin and yang were seen to influence health and order within an individual, society, and the entire universe.

What is Yang Class 11?

Class 11 Question Attach. Mansi Mishra. Sep 26, 2019. According to Chinese philosophy ” shanshui ” which literally means mountain water and here mountain refers to yang which means male principal and water means yin female principal. Yin and yang are two faces of universe .

What is the difference between Chinese and European art class 11?

Answer: In the Chinese view, art is a representation of the mind or the spirit, whereas in the European view, it is of the figure or the body. While Chinese paintings reveal the inner world, the European paintings lay emphasis on a true representation of the physical appearance of the subject.

What does shanshui literally mean?

Shanshui literally means ‘mountain water’ that represents ‘landscape’. Mountain is Yang, that is stable, warm, dry and reaches vertically towards the heaven. While the water is Yin that is fluid, moist, cool and horizontally resting on earth.

What do you mean by shanshui what is its importance in art?

Shanshui, meaning “mountain-water”. It refers to a Chinese painting that involves natural landscapes. The landscape is spiritual and inner one. It represents the two complementary poles (yin and yang) reflecting the Daoist view of the universe.

Who was Wu daozi Class 11?

Answer: A painter Wu Daozi, who lived in the eighth century was asked to paint a landscape by the Tang Emperor Xuanzong, to decorate a palace wall. The artist concealed his work behind a screen, so that only the Emperor would see it. For a long time, the Emperor admired the wonderful scene.

How does Nathalie Trouveroy define the role of man?

She feels that man has a fundamental role. Man becomes the conduit of communication in the space between heaven and earth and between both poles of the Universe. He is the eye of the landscape and his presence is most essential.

What is the essential third element?

Middle void is the third essential element for creation of universe for nothing is possible without it. Explanation: Mountain water is also known as the term, Shanshui.

What is the middle void?

Middle void here refers to the emptiness or the thin line of difference between the real and illusion. The painter vanished inside his own painting which was that of an illusion, a visionary hallucination which was created on a three dimensional frame.