What Is The Antonym Of Ignominious?

What is the opposite of ignominious?


Antonyms: honorable, reputable, creditable.

Synonyms: shameful, scandalous, dishonorable, infamous..

What is the opposite of ignominy?

ignominy. Antonyms: celebrity, credit, distinction, eminence, fame, glory, honor, laurels, notoriety, renown, reputation, repute.

What is the synonym of ignominious?

ˌɪgnəˈmɪniːəs) (used of conduct or character) deserving or bringing disgrace or shame. Synonyms. shameful inglorious dishonorable dishonourable black disgraceful opprobrious. Antonyms.

What is the antonym of agonizing?

What is the opposite of agonizing?survivablelivablelowinconsiderableexcusableforgivablepardonablereasonableadmissible12 more rows

What does ignominious mean in English?

1 : humiliating, degrading an ignominious defeat. 2 : deserving of shame or infamy : despicable. 3 : marked with or characterized by disgrace or shame : dishonorable.

What is the meaning of voracious?

1 : having a huge appetite : ravenous. 2 : excessively eager : insatiable a voracious reader.

What is another word for faltering?

Some common synonyms of falter are hesitate, vacillate, and waver.

What part of speech is the word ignominious?

adjective. marked by or attended with ignominy; discreditable; humiliating: an ignominious retreat.

What does humiliating mean?

transitive verb. : to reduce (someone) to a lower position in one’s own eyes or others’ eyes : to make (someone) ashamed or embarrassed : mortify hoped they wouldn’t humiliate themselves in their next game accused her of humiliating him in public feel so humiliated.

What’s another word for infamous?

SYNONYMS FOR infamous 1 disreputable, ill-famed, notorious. 2 disgraceful, scandalous; nefarious, odious, wicked, shocking, vile, base, heinous, villainous.

What is the best synonym for ignominy?

contemptdisrepute.humiliation.ignominy.infamy.insignificancy.opprobrium.shame.stigma.More items…

What is the opposite of iconoclast?

Opposite of a person who attacks or criticizes cherished beliefs or institutions. conformer. conformist. believer. conservative.