Should You Go Through The Door Or Save The Humans AC Odyssey?

Is Assassin’s Creed Odyssey worth getting?

I can safely say that Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey is a very enjoyable and high-quality entry in the AC franchise.

It delivers an open-world experience, which is still new in the AC world, and as a player, you get to interact with the vast Ancient Greek world with lots of mythical creatures and vicious animals..

Will sealing Atlantis end the game?

The Atlantis Ending Seal off the knowledge that Atlantis keeps and find out what happens to Alexios / Kassandra in the future. This will also show the part Layla will play in bringing back the Assassins.

Is Legendary or Epic better in Odyssey?

For whatever reason, Legendary armor only has 2 stats, can be engraved to have 3, while Epic armor has 3 and can be engraved to have 4. TL;DR: You might look like a jigsaw puzzle, but you’ll be more powerful if you use Epic armor. …

Is Alexios a Templar?

Kassandra and Alexios are proto-Assassins in the same way that she is a proto-Templar. This is a bloodline that will (free) run through history, the eternal Batmen to the Templar’s Joker, if you will.

Do you need the spear to kill Medusa?

jpg. Speak to the mercenary, and you’ll learn that the cult of the Kosmos originally hired him and his allies to retrieve the piece of Eden that the Medusa treasures. You can then ask for the Mercenary’s spear to help fight Medusa, at which point he’ll challenge you to a fight to the death for it.

Does it matter if you pick Alexios or Kassandra?

From a gameplay point of view, there are no differences between Alexios and Kassandra. They have the same skills, the same DPS potential, the same run speed, everything. So don’t feel as if you’re going to be penalised for choosing one over the other.

Should I keep the spear in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey?

The Temple of Zeus Once you retrieve it, it will be up to if you want to give her the spear as promised or keep it for yourself. The priestess will tell you that according to legend, the spear has been hidden in the caves nearby for years.

Is Kassandra a God?

Kassandra isn’t a demigod. She’s a descendant of the Isu – this gives her the special abilities she has such as the leap of faith. Kassandra is perceived as a demigod due to her abilities, but she, nor the Isu (the ones who came before) are gods, only revered as such.

Should I kill Daphnae AC Odyssey?

Kill Daphnae This is considered the good ending. At the end of it, you’ll get to honor Daphnae’s wishes, as she dies and you become the new leader of the group. This is also the only ending where you fight only one person from the group, and probably the easiest one.

Is Alexios the first assassin?

No, Alexios and Kassandra are specifically not Assassins, they are mercenaries. In Origins we see the lead-up to Aya’s founding of the Brotherhood, when she begins a group that goes by the name “the Hidden Ones,” around 47 BCE. Odyssey takes place 384 years before Assassin’s Creed Origins.

What is the most powerful weapon in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey?

Top 10 Weapon RankingRankWeapon1Minotaur’s Labrys2Sword of Damokles3Harpe of Perseus4Hades’s Bow6 more rows•Aug 27, 2019

Should the children stay or go AC Odyssey?

Kassandra: Children shouldn’t be separated from their parents. You should stay.

Should I kill gergis?

If you don’t let Gergis go, you’ll have to kill him. He will not be a big challenge for you. For killing him you will receive Golden Harbinger (Legendary Staff), Letter from the Gatekeeper (Ancient Clue), Image of the Ancients (Quest Item).

Should I save the baby or kill chrysis?

A controlled character can attack Chrysis right away, but an infant lying on the altar will die. If you decide to save the baby and lift him out of the burning temple, Chrysis will have to flee. In such a case you will have to find her again.

Can you save Phoibe?

Sadly, no. Phoebe’s death serves a purpose to the story to make Kassandra (or Alexios) more driven into hunting down the Cult of Kosmos and destroying the organization. … Therefore her death serves as a catalyst for the game itself.