Quick Answer: What Is The Difference Between Taking And Taken?

What is taken in love?

The definition of taken is unavailable, or having a deep interest in someone or something.

An example of being taken is being in love with someone..

What tense is have taken?

Perfect Tenses: “He has been taken” – passive of the present perfect. “He had been taken” – passive of past perfect. “He will have been taken” – passive of future perfect.

Did he take or take?

In this sentence ‘did’ is the auxiliary verb used to form a question in the past tense. In questions, the auxiliary carries the tense information; the main verb is in the base form, not a past form. Thus ‘Take’ is correct and not ‘Took’. This applies to simple past.

Had taken meaning?

past perfectGenerally, the simple past (took) is used to make general statements/single events about the past, while the past perfect (had taken) is used to show a completed action before another, both occurring in the past.

What is meaning of taken?

Taken is the past participle of take1. 2. adjective [verb-link ADJECTIVE] If you are taken with something or someone, you are very interested in them or attracted to them.

Who has taken or who took?

2 Answers. Took is the simple past tense, whereas taken is the past participle. This means that you can say took on its own, e.g.

Could take or could took?

So to answer the exact question you have, “could have taken” is conditional stacked on perfect and it means that it’s possible that someone takes/took (but the action is complete for the purposes of the sentence, not ongoing).

Had took had taken?

Had taken is past perfect and took is simple past tense. … Had taken is past perfect and took is simple past tense. Past perfect is used for actions in the past that took place before a particular event had taken place.

Have taken or had taken?

It is in the past tense, “have taken” is correct. Since they are talking in the present tense (the conversation is taking place NOW) it is correct to say “have taken.”

How do you use taken in a sentence?

Taken sentence examplesIt must have taken a long time to say good-bye. … I’ve not taken a prize in weeks. … Taken together, those findings suggest that almost all economic growth in the last 120-plus years was from technology. … The small house in which he had taken shelter was almost between the two armies.More items…

Will be taken or would be taken?

Both the words of “Would” and “Will” point to different time frames; when you say it would — it is to be used when you are not exactly sure (say suppose) when a task can be completed, where as with the word “will”, you are definitely sure, and assert(declare) that, for example, when being sure of 5 minutes, you can say …

Is took past or present?

The past tense of take is took. The third-person singular simple present indicative form of take is takes. The present participle of take is taking. The past participle of take is taken.

Is taken correct?

‘Took’ is the past tense, whereas ‘taken’ is the past participle. Generally, the simple past (took) is used to make a general statement/single events about the past, while the past participle (taken) is used to show a completed action before another, both occurring in the past. Took(verb).

Did you take or have you taken?

‘have you taken’ is present perfect tense, and did you take is simple past tense. Present Perfect Tense describes something that happened it the past but has consequences in the present or is still true, while Simple Past Tense describes something that happened in the past and it’s finished.

What is the difference between take and taken?

“Taken” is the past participle of “take” and is used here to describe the kind of “actions” that have occurred (they are “taken” actions). “Took” is a past-tense verb that explains what the actions did (which presumably is not the intent here).