Quick Answer: How Is The Chinese Painter Painting A Depiction Of Conceptual Space?

What is the unique feature of horizontal scroll?

Answer: In the case of a horizontal scroll, the action of slowly opening one section of the painting, then rolling it up to move on to the other sections one by one adds a dimension of time to a painting..

Why is the White unpainted space important in Chinese art?

Answer: The Middle Void is essential — nothing can happen without it; hence the importance of the white, unpainted space in Chinese landscape. … In that space between Heaven and Earth, he becomes the conduit of communication between both poles of the Universe.

What is difference between Chinese and European art?

Explanation: The Chinese art based on the imagination where a painter trying to obtain the essence of the inner life. … The European painting is much more focused on the art to create an illusion likeness. The European painting is more realistic that resemblance to the real objects.

What are the characteristics of Chinese painting?

The character of Chinese painting, like that of Chinese calligraphy, is closely bound up with the nature of the medium. The basic material is ink, formed into a short stick of hardened pine soot and glue, which is rubbed to the required consistency on an inkstone with a little water.

What is the Chinese view of painting?

The Chinese view of art is trying to. achieve the essence of inner life and spirit. E.g., Wu Dazoi’s painting, which was commissioned by the emperor Xuanzong, While the emperor could only appreciate its outer brilliance, the artist entered his painting and disappeared along with his painting.

What path does the Chinese painter art create?

Answer: : A Chinese painter does not want the viewer to choose a single viewpoint. His landscape is not a ‘real’ one, and you can enter it from any point and then travel in it. The artist creates a path for the viewer’s eyes to travel up and down, then back again, in a leisurely movement.

How do the Chinese expect the people to view the horizontal scroll Why?

How do the Chinese expect the people to view the horizontal scroll? … The Chinese painter does not choose a specific viewpoint. One can enter his landscape from any point, and then travel in it. The artist creates a course for your eyes to journey up and down, then back again, at an unhurried pace.

What does shanshui literally mean?

Shanshui literally means ‘mountain water’ that represents ‘landscape’. Mountain is Yang, that is stable, warm, dry and reaches vertically towards the heaven. While the water is Yin that is fluid, moist, cool and horizontally resting on earth.

In what way is the participation of the viewer both physical and mental when he looks at a Chinese painting?

The Chinese artist does not paint a landscape from one point of view only. He writes to the viewer to participate in his landscape both physically and mentally. This mens that the viewer can enter the painting, not physically but mentally and spiritually.

What is often overlooked in the Chinese painting?

Ans. The Middle void is the third element which is often overlooked. This is essential because the interaction between ‘Yang’ and ‘Yin’ takes place there.

What is the role of a man according to shanshui concept of Chinese painting?

in chinese paintings, the unpainted gap is said to be the middle void. this is also said to be the place where man finds the fundamental role between heaven and earth.

What are the two main techniques in traditional Chinese painting?

There are two main techniques in Chinese painting:Gongbi (工笔 /gong-bee/), literally ‘working pen’, is a meticulous style, rich in color and detailed brush strokes. … Xieyi (写意 /sshyeah-ee/ ‘writing’ ), meaning “freehand”, is a looser style of painting, and usually used in landscapes.

What are the six major painting mediums?

There are six major painting mediums, each with specific individual characteristics:Encaustic.Tempera.Fresco.Oil.Acrylic.Watercolor.

What are the two forms of art depict?

Answer. Two forms of visual art are drawing and painting.

How does the author contrast the Chinese view of art with the Western concept of painting?

Answer: In the Chinese view, art is a representation of the mind or the spirit, whereas in the European view, it is of the figure or the body. While Chinese paintings reveal the inner world, the European paintings lay emphasis on a true representation of the physical appearance of the subject.

What are the three basic formats of Chinese painting?

Forms of the painting The principal forms of Chinese painting are the hanging scroll, album of paintings, fan surface and long horizontal scroll. Hanging scrolls are both horizontal and vertical, usually mounted and hung on the wall.

What was Wu daozi last painting?

Answer. Answer: What was depicted in the last painting made by Wu Daozi, the Chinese painter?? The painting depicts a wall mural displaying a rich nature-scene set in a valley, containing a stunning array of flora and fauna and including a cave at the foot of a mountain.

What did the Emperor say about the painting?

When the painting had been completed, he called the emperor its exquisite beauty. The emperor was stunned with his creation. When the emperor was admiring the painting, the master painter clapped his hands; a door of the cave in the painting opened; Wu Daozi entered the door and the door closed.