Question: How Do You Say Not Yet?

What does yet yet mean?

b : continuously up to the present or a specified time : still is yet a new country.

c : at a future time : eventually may yet see the light.

3 : nevertheless, however.

as yet..

Is it yet to be or yet to be?

Using ‘has yet’ is correct over ‘is yet’ and here’s why: verbs. First, try using the collective form of the verb ‘to be. ‘ Instead of one ‘decision,’ phrase the sentence for two ‘decisions’ and see which one sounds better.. The decisions have yet to be made.

How do you use already?

Already used with the present perfect means ‘before now’. We use it to emphasise that something happened before something else or earlier than expected. I’ve already spent my salary and it’s two weeks before payday. He wanted to see Sudden Risk but I’ve already seen it.

Did you yet or have you yet?

There is generally no specific time reference used with the present perfect tense (have you called), so “yet” is commonly used with that tense.

Is yet to be received?

You are not being received, you are receiving (the letter) so you would not use a reflexive verb phrase. The (lack of) reception is in the past so you would use either the past participle to show that the lack has occurred from the past up though the present: We have not yet received the letter.

How do you use not yet?

“Not yet” is used to express that we intend to do a certain thing, but we have not done it yet. The expression “not yet” is mainly used in negatives and questions. For example: Have you eaten?

Which is correct yet not or not yet?

First, “yet not” is not a fixed compound phrase. “not yet” would be heard as a compound phrase, with the two words closely linked. But “yet not” is simply two words that happen to be close together in a sentence. The original phrase would be grouped as: {the reason for which} {is} {yet} {not fully understood}.

How do you use yet in a sentence?

Yet sentence examplesIt was early, yet we were all ready for bed after our long hike. … He is my worst enemy, and yet, I admire him as the wisest man in the world. … He would often say the exact opposite of what he had said on a previous occasion, yet both would be right. … Why, I have not yet had time to settle down!More items…

How do you explain yet?

adverbat the present time; now: Don’t go yet. … up to a particular time; thus far: They had not yet the time still remaining; before all is done: There is yet time.from the preceding time; as previously; still: He came here on a vacation 20 years ago, and he is here yet.More items…

Is yet to be done meaning?

This is yet to be done. This might be said if someone asked the speaker how far along he/she is on a project. This has yet to be done. This might be said if someone asked about the state of a project, but not one where the listener is responsible.

Is not yet a sentence?

Not yet: We use this expression to say or mention that we have not finished an action yet. ”Have you finished reading your book?” ”Not yet (You are still reading it). Yet: We use this word in negative and interrogative sentences and we place it at the end.

What does have not yet mean?

“Have not yet” is correct, which means that there is some activity, task or event, which has not started yet. For example: I have not yet begun to do my homework. This sentence means that you want to do your homework but have not started doing it yet.

Where do you put yet?

Yet is normally placed at the end of the clause, particularly in informal English and in questions, but can go immediately after not in negative sentences in a more formal style, such as Cambridge Dictionaries and the British Library have used.

What is the means of yet?

We use yet as an adverb to refer to a time which starts in the past and continues up to the present. We use it mostly in negative statements or questions in the present perfect. It usually comes in end position: … Yet as a conjunction. Yet as a conjunction means ‘but’ or ‘nevertheless’.

Do I put a comma after yet?

“Yet” as an adverb fits seamlessly into a sentence, and there is no reason to separate from the rest of the sentence using a comma. … In this case, it behaves like any other adverbial phrase that you put at the head of a sentence and needs a comma after it to separate from the main clause.

Should I put a comma before yet?

Should I use a comma before “yet”? Yet can be used to start a contrasting element in a sentence, e.g. She was sad, yet relieved. When yet is used to set off a contrasting element of a sentence then it should have a comma before it, just like with not.

Has not given meaning?

It is not given to all means that not all people have the ability. Probably meant more like God has not blessed all men with the ability to do the job quickly.

What means not yet?

not yet(Adverb) Used to describe that something is expected to happen but has not for the moment.

Has yet to in a sentence?

Have yet to is a construction that appears in most, if not all, varieties of English. It refers to an event that has not occurred so far but that might occur in the future. For example, (1) means that the speaker has not eaten dinner but will possibly do so at some point in the future: 1) I have yet to eat dinner.

Is it haven’t or yet yet?

Answer: “No, they haven’t!” We have yet to receive your transcript = We haven’t received your transcript yet. This is formal English. It is used in formal situations, and is much less common in casual spoken English.